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FEMALE DJ ASSOCIATION is a worldwide community and movement committed to advancing Female DJ’s and the creative industry through technical coaching, business mentoring, and connections within and outside of our network. Our focus is to uplift female DJs to a level that creates a highly skilled and artistic community, while also positioning them as esteemed creative professionals around the world.




 The FDJA MembershipThe Female DJ Directory, and She's the DJ Podcast are pieces of the Female DJ Association that aid in educating, increasing visibility, awareness, and opportunities for Women DJ's and Creatives. 

FDJA Membership Female DJ Association

The FDJA Membership is a supportive and non-judgmental sisterhood for Female DJs and Creatives, providing guidance, resources, tools, and education to help you on your DJ journey.

When you join the membership you will have access to Masterclasses, Q&A Sessions, Challenges, Monthly Meetings, and Jam sessions to help: 

  • Build, strengthen, and enhance your DJ Skills

  • Elevate your Business and Brand

  • Empower you to understand your value and create your own profitable opportunities. 

This Membership positions you to be confident about your brand, business, and skills.  We are fostering a sisterhood of powerful DJs.

The Female DJ Directory Female Dj Association

Discover and connect with talented female DJs worldwide through

The Female DJ Directory Our comprehensive directory is a digital portal, bridging the gap between artist and clientele. This platform connects the global community to a talented pool of female creatives from around the world.  Browse profiles, listen to mixes, and contact Creatives directly to book them for your event or project. 

She's the DJ Podcast is an intimate authentic conversation with Female DJ's, Women Business Owners, and Creatives sharing their journey and tips to help inspire, motivate, and empower all who listen. 


“As I have began my professional Dj journey, I have consulted QBoogie at every juncture and she has provided empowering guidance. She has supported me as I battle impostor syndrome & question my value.Her support has ranged from how to set my prices, to professional communication methods when working with a client and so much more. I am sooo grateful for the gift that keeps on giving; which a woman I call my mentor QBoogie!
DJ Troya Testimonial FDJA Membership
DJ Q-Boogie Founder of Female DJ Associaiton

Hey DJ Sisters,

I'm Qiana also know as DJ Q-Boogie and I’m the founder of Female DJ Association. This community and sisterhood was created to, empower, promote, connect, educate, and provide tools and resources to support women on their creative journeys. 

My work focuses on coaching and mentoring women to understand their value, enhance their Skills, and elevate their Businesses while building a Sisterhood and supportive Community through the above platforms.

Let's continue to break barriers and be seen doing what we love so that we can pave the way for the next generation of Women in Music. 


Love, Qiana.


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Get Ready for the Vibes!


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